Monday, September 5, 2016

Japan and Mystery

Here we are at the middle of summer (yes, its the middle - fall starts on Thanksgiving), and our heads turn to back to school.  Meanwhile, up in Kugluktuk and Cape Dorset, the school year has already started - we are still targeting a shipment to both of those communities around the end of September.

Meanwhile, I dropped a box off of your items which weren't specifically either sized or tagged for the school to one of our favourite ENT doctors who will be taking it up this week.  We've also got some space for 3 more boxes to Iqaluit in October, thanks to those amazing MD's.

So just one comment and pleading request: there were a few bags and boxes of items which came without labels - you wonderful mystery knitters, what you do is amazing, and I want to give you props!  Even though you may have sent me an email or made a note on Ravelry, can you please drop a little sheet of paper in the bags with your name, or rav tag or whatever.  I just need a clue!

So there was a theme here: even my poor back porch photography conveys the fact that every single item that I looked at was made with such attention to detail and beautiful yarn.  Its like you were all creating for someone you know.  Without further ado:

These sweaters and hats came from Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake Alberta.  Wendy these sweaters are fantastic - I love them and they are in a bag tagged for Jimmy Hikok.  Kids will be so happy!

More sweaters by the very talented Wendy.  PS Wendy your note made me laugh.  I love the idea that we have such high standards re our tracking on Ravelry.  We don't.  Knit on, and we always welcome your beautiful work.

Barbara Dreher (obassan) is the absolute best.  Barb do you know how often I say to airlines, or journalists ("and yes, our items come from as far away as Japan": B, you give us cred.  Thanks for that.  These hats are super cosy and warm.

Mystery knitter, I love you.  I feel like I should know who you are.  You know that I have a soft spot for socks and you make it happen.  Atopbing, could this be you?  If yes, thank you 100 times over.

I think these might also be from the same mystery knitter.  MK, who are you?

These are also from an MK.  These darling socks came with several tubes of toothpaste, always a help.  Jeanine, I thought they might be from you but I know your handwriting, I think.  Whoever you are, thank you!

More from MK?

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