Sunday, September 25, 2016

Packing Night #2

Packing night was as usual, a wonderful and chaotic hoot.  Thanks so much to Rita, Claire, Suzanne, Jeanine, Catriona and Carlene for everything you do to make this fun.  This time, I'm just going to add names - doesn't mean I love you any less - you are all the absolute best.  Roll tape:

Claire Sheen

No name but appreciated

Beautiful blankets, no name

Claudette - thank you - we know we can always count on you to deliver!

Our own sweet Suzanne Atkinson


…and more Claudette...

…and more Claudette!...

Jeanine (Douce Aubergine), great contribution!

Thank you Ottawa Knitting Guild

….And more Claudette...

…and even more Claudette...

blankets from Unravelled

Hats by Rebecca, and a Carlene neck warmer

many socks from Jeanine, along with a beautiful sweater.

Thank you very much to Peigi and Mary Ballantyne - these are 50 pairs of socks created by our incredible 83 year old contributor.  Mary, each pair was so special.  You did a phenomenal job!

Here is Claire stuffing a shrinky-dink bag.  Claire is the best boxer and shrinker you've ever met.  Every time I think "nope, not going to fit", she gets double the amount in.

The next few photos are pics of piles that are distributed throughout the house on packing night, as we sort like crazy

Jeanine attaching care tags to socks

These are from our Catriona.  We used to be able to say she was new to the packing team - not so much anymore.

Carol in Kanata - thank you!

Debbie in Cleveland, OH, the rest of your stuff is on the next post - welcome to the tribe.

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