Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thank you Canadian North and Packing Night Part 1

So nobody is here right now but I am busily photographing, sorting and prepping for the big night.  Here are some photos that I took.  In the interest of time, I'm just going to post photos and credits, but that doesn't mean that I don't love each and every one of you any less

Tonight the team will ooh and ahhh as we pack.

Second note:  Canadian North is in for another year!   I just thank all that is good for them every week, and of course you: without you, the knitters, and our community partners as well as the airline, none of this would be possible.

Love to all of you.
Jackie Lambert, West Richland WA 

Kristine Krupp Toronto

Also Kristine

New Glasgow, NS

Impeccable Knits  London ON

K Thomas, Thorndike, Maine

Purls of Wisdom (we love these guys - they are a team from  Innovation, Science and Economic Development in Ottawa.  Thank you!

Purls of Wisdom (Micheline, Sabine, Anne, Catherine, Melanie, Santina (age 9!) and Joanne)

Karen Zorn of Bredenbury SK (hi Karen!)

So Carolyn Hendrycks made these amazing sewing bags for the Larga kit project.  Carolyn, I love them.

And Carolyn is also a gifted knitter.

Deborah Hajzak of Cleveland Ohio, are you new?  I didn't want to open the bags, but love the stuff

Karen Zorn (again!) is a gifted sock knitter.  I swear she makes them with SK winters in mind.

Lois Manton, great to hear from you again!  I didn't open the bags because they were so needly packed.  Thank you, Lois of Montreal.

Deborah Hajzak of Cleveland again - thank you!

Nancy Murdock of Lindsay ON made these three blankets.  Thank you, Nancy!

Another box from Sabine and the gang at Purls of Wisdom - you are prolific AND scientific.

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac) of Mississauga made these - thanks Sabrina!

Atopbing:  I thick you joined us just last year.  Anna, I really like your stuff.

Anna's sweaters for Jimmy Hikok

Kathy is the best - not only did she give us yarn and fur, but also made a special trip from Montreal to drop off stuff.  Love her!

WentheKnitter, you are now a veteran WHNer - solid.

Panther (Bonnie Belanger) made the stuff above and below - Bonnie, we can always count on you for every shipment - your stuff is all over the North.

Crafty Ellan, very pretty!

Donna of Ottawa, thank you!

Marilyn Campbell of Guelph, much appreciated.

Check out the cute neck warmers (top right) from Nancy Martel of Beaconsfield QC.  Thanks again!

So much for not commenting on your stuff.  I just love you guys so much.


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