Thursday, September 20, 2007

Check out our Creativ Sponsors, the Hilton Hotel and Fleece Artist

Okay, everybody should stay at the Hilton Toronto, our all time favorite hotel. We contacted them and told them that we were coming in to town for Creativ from Ottawa and had nowhere to stay (sad, I know), and they came galloping to the rescue.

There are two women we need to thank here. First, Sherry Rampersad in sales who listened to my long story and said, "I think I can help you", and secondly the fantastic Denise Ethier, Director of Sales who picked out our project from the stack of requests sitting on her desk and said yes. Ladies, come by the Creativ Festival and introduce yourselves, and you will get a big in person thank you from us!

Our second big news is that we're having three Fleece Artist giveaways at the Creativ Festival. Drop by the booth for details. We absolutely love Fleece Artist, for lots of reasons:

1. They're a bunch of Easterners, and who doesn't love a Nova Scotian?

2. When we started the project, they put their hands up immediately, and said, "count us in for a pattern" (hey, by the way, we'll still send you a copy of the Amelia pattern if you drop us a comment and request it).

3. Their kits are absolutely amazing. I love the Amelia hat (made one for myself), and their thrum socks and mitts are the cosiest things every. I keep the leftovers in my stash and then sort of accent everything else I make with a little strand. Okay my fingers are itching now - I'm yanking out my baby alpaca and startin' something.

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Anonymous said...

Sherry Rampersad is lying tramp who plays herself off as being a do - gooder. Homewrecker