Saturday, September 1, 2007

Suzanne Atkinson Designs

Suzanne Atkinson, a local knit and crochet designer, dropped off this beautiful crochetted baby blanket at Yarn Forward on Bank last week. Its made entirely of sock yarn. I wanted to show you a close up because every time someone comes over, I pull this thing out and say "sock yarn, can you believe it???". I'm going to hustle Suzanne a bit (like I haven't already) and ask if she might want to share her pattern.
Ahhh the Saturday before school starts. Bittersweet but mostly sweet. We decided that each person in the family gets to pick one thing to do. So my boy picked aerial trekking in the Gatineaus - nice. My girl picked the Midway - gross. I think I'm going to pick a visit to Home Depot (I looove that place - right now, I'm repointing the basement. I just discovered a part of the store called the tool corral - never knew there were so many kinds of sanders, but I'm getting me one.)

By the way, check out Mags Kandis new blog, my wabi sabi country life. Am I the only moron who didn't know what wabi sabi was? She'll be at the Creativ Festival in October (and so will we, so don't forget Torontonians, drop off you hand knit sweater or blanket for free admission, Or come by our booth (909) and drop off a hat or mitts. Or come by and knit a square for our blanket, or just say hi.

Finally, shout out (I think kids don't say that anymore. I don't care, I'm bringing it back, along with Haley of Knitomatic's "coolio") to Martina Gloss of the Lion's club. She's taken up the cause with the Lion's and sending out the message to her knitters.


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the blanket is simply one enormous granny square. No pattern needed if you know how to do a granny square - just keep going and going.......

AB&AB said...

That would be amazing - thank you! You're our first Montreal contact. Well, since you offered to help...

1. You could post a link from your site to ours. When you do, please let me know, and I'll also post a link back to your site. I have google analytics installed and I am amazed at the traffic that we get from other sites posting a quick note about our project. This is grassroots, so every little contact helps.

2. You could help us get the word out to knitters. I am attaching a copy of our Ottawa flyer - please feel free to forward it to anyone!

Thanks for your help, Jo!

Jennifer King said...

Hi there! Love your initiatives!

I've been in a no-knitting rut lately, and a wonderful cause such as our Innu support is just what I need!

Please tell me where I can drop any items off..and...the items are hats, mittens, etc.?

Thanks so much!

Knit on!!


AB&AB said...

Hi Jennifer, great to hear from you. If you're from Ottawa, you can drop off your items at Yarn Forward on Bank street or Kanata. They're great - they even have left-over stash which they have dedicated to this project - you can ask them for it at the front desk.

If you're in Toronto, you can drop off the items at Knitomatic, the Knit Cafe, or Nathalie-Roze&Co. You can also bring your blanket or sweater to the Creativ Festival in TO and get free admission to the show.

For info on the drop-off points (addresses and stuff), please see the links on the right of this page, under "You can drop off your items at the following stores and festivals..."

We're looking for hats, mittens, blankets,sweaters and gaitors (gaiters? those round tube thingies that kids wear instead of scarves) in particular. If you need hat patterns, please fire me an email at and I'll send them to you.

Thanks, Jennifer, for your support!


Anonymous said...

What size of sweater is being accepted at the Toronto show? Do you just hand it in at the door?


AB&AB said...

We're looking for newly knit sweaters for the 4-5 age group on up. The festival has kindly offered us this deal, and their caveat is "no used items please", so I'll repeat that.

In terms of handing in the items, we haven't figured that out yet, but yes, we think that there will be someone at the door collecting the items (maybe one of us!).

thanks for your support,