Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mentioned in Metro!

The word is spreading! We had a lovely mention in the Metro Newspaper - Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver editions! Cheers for the very kind Nathalie-Roze, Frugal Fashionista! Anita has certainly been busy while I was on holidays. Back to life in Ottawa now, though - kids starting school, my new job starting for real, and soccer season (finally) coming to an end. Why they need to keep it going till the first week of Sept., I'll never know! I mean, it's fun and all, but a bit of a challenge to keep it up once school started this week.

And, back to knitting. I did take some time for crafts on our trip, and met a wonderful rug hooker. Deanne Fitzpatrick, an incredibly talented woman you can read more about here Check out her stuff! Turns out she knew my grandmother and wrote a bit about my Nanny in her last book. It was a real pleasure to meet her, and I am enjoying a new craft. And I have been working on more striped hats. Next stop, Hugs and Kisses Hats.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw the article in the Metro and would be interested in helping out. I have sent you an email (saw it in one of your posts down below).


AB&AB said...

Thanks Johanne, I received your email and sent you the patterns. Happy knitting to you and your mom!