Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're going to be on the Radio!!

Well, that was exciting. We just taped an interview for CBC Radio in Labrador! The host, Cindy Wall, is very kind, so it was pretty easy! I don't think we'll be able to link to a transcript of it or anything, so you'll have to take my word for it that we were great! Just kidding - but, it was a nice opportunity. I am, once again, taken aback by the support we've had for this project.

I'll try to add more photos later. The batteries for my camera need a re-charge and the charger is in hiding. And, we may have advance notice of when the piece is going to be on the radio, so we can tune in through live streaming.

I will have a short diversion from knitting for a few days of pickling. It is that time of the year! Dont' tell my dad that I will be using a purple cauliflower in his mother's relish recipe. (He's very computer savvy but probably doesn't read blogs, even mine). We also have to harvest and make jelly from the grapes in the back yard. They are wine grapes, but still make good jelly. We lost most of our wild grape along with the oak tree, but I know it will come back a-plenty for next year. Is it wierd that my children listen with excitment for that popping sound when the lids of the jars seal?


Kate said...

Congrats on your radio debut! How exciting is that going to be!!

Just to let you gals know that I've finally handed off my finished blanket for the Afghans for Afghans to Patrick at the Bank St. Yarn Foreward in Ottawa today!

For a sneak peek at what it look like you can view it here:

Best wishes for continued success with your new fall campaigns - I've started my childrens sweater already for the Innu Children in Northern Labrador!!

Knit on.....

AB&AB said...

Kate!!! It's beautiful! I am looking forward to picking it up tomorrow! Thank you so much. We will make sure it gets to Afghans for Afghans asap! I used to make quilts, and I love the quilt look to it.

All the best!